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Miss CEO Academic Workshop Series 

Our namesake Miss CEO workshop series provides young women in high school with the leadership training they need to successfully navigate and excel in key academic, personal and professional situations. A key goal of this popular workshop series is to provide attendees with a comprehensive leadership toolkit, focusing on highly practical and useful skills such as effective communication, time management, mentorship and sponsorship, team development, negotiation, career exploration, goal setting, and risk taking. An example of the curriculum overview can be found here.

Mini CEO Academic Workshop Series

The Mini CEO workshop series is designed for both single-sex and coed middle school classrooms to encourage students to develop important leadership skills. This program is offered at a critical time in students’ development as they learn to navigate social pressures and counteract biases. Throughout the course, students participate in a range of executive activities as “CEOs” of their own companies, including defining their own venture, brainstorming products and services, launching a company website, pitching to investors, developing teams and negotiating partnerships. The Mini CEO program not only encourages students to think big by running a “company” of their own, but also empowers them with practical skills and knowledge applicable to their current academic and extracurricular pursuits. The series concludes with students setting smart, ambitious and achievable goals, with a particular focus on how to best prepare for their upcoming transition to junior high school.



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