Sabina Chaudhuri

Ambassador Director
Sabina Chaudhuri is the Director of the Miss CEO Ambassador Program. She is also a Business Systems Analyst at Cisco, where she uses data to help drive strategic business decisions. Furthermore, she is also involved with Cisco’s Early Career Network where she plans development events and helps to provide tools and resources for other early in careers. She has been passionate about growth and development for younger women throughout her academic and work experiences. She graduated from the University of California-Davis in 2015, majoring in Managerial Economics and minoring in Education. In college, not only did she focus on her studies, she stayed involved on and off campus. For the College of Engineering, she worked as a market analyst helping student startups grow and find the resources they need. Following her time there, she was manager of the UC Davis Club Finance Council where she helped redesign their end to end process. Simultaneously, she worked in Corporate Affairs at Intel to help plan and execute volunteer events and programs, and she served as TV host for WomenNow TV on a segment called “Young Living with Sabina” that brought insights into everyday situations and tackled tough questions. Sabina is also an avid traveler, pet lover, and knowledge seeker of business and philosophy.


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